Library linking using qt visual studio add-in

  • I am trying to create a simple application with library using qt... using only the vs 2013 add-in.

    Most tutorials I have found involve techniques that are outside the add-in "way of doing things".

    I am still a beginner when it comes to Qt.

    1. I created a console application project (MyApp).
    2. I added a library to the solution (MyLib).
    3. I added a reference to the library from the console application.
    4. I added a reference to the main header file (of the library project) to the console app project.
      5) If I build the library, an obj file is created in the console project win32 folder.
    5. If I try and build the whole solution, I get an error saying mylib.h cannot be found (MyApp project).

    What step am I missing please? I have googled it for days (and posted to SE) but can't find the answer.

    Can someone please advise?

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