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About "configure -no-opengl", and what module/funtions/part will be Not available if i disable opengl?

  • really sorry to open a new thread........but i tried every way...i don't know is it about my location problem?i am in Asia.

    QtCore does not depend on OpenGL. QtGui module might depend on it (the dependency can be dropped when OpenGL is disabled in Qt configuration flags – but that can only be done when compiling Qt from source).

    i want to ask:
    if QtGui is depend on OpenGL, when i disable the opengl by "configure -no-opengl" while build Qt, what will be used instead , the native Graphics API such as GDI on windows?
    and if QtGui depends on opengl, what will be lost, if i disable opengl?
    thank you very much.

  • From QtGui you lose all the QOpenGL* (and the legacy QGL*) classes. In addition you lose Qt Quick 2 completely.
    The traditional software-rendered QWidgets will still work.

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