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[solved] Where is Qt Assistant?

  • Normally I use the web to refer to documentation...
    But would like to look at Qt Assistant.

    Where can you download it?

    Its does not appear in the Maintenance tool, and it is not in the help menu of Qt Creator
    It isn't under the Qt Creator Tools menu.
    It is not part of the default download of Qt...
    And if you search for assistant download, there are not results :(
    Has it gone?

  • Moderators

    <qt installation dir>/qtbase/bin/assistant

  • OH... thanks...! That's great :) It's in the installation directory.

    I found mine in: ~/Qt/5.4/gcc_64/bin

    So I updated my .profile in my home directory with this:

    @if [ -d "$HOME/Qt/5.4/gcc_64/bin" ] ; then

    Now it works on the command line without any problem :)

  • Moderators

    Hm, yes, in the binary installers the path is a bit different. I'm glad that you've found it.

    There are no plans to deprecate or remove this application, by the way.

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