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Building Qt 4.7.2 with Intel compiler = unresolved bug?

  • Hi there, I was trying to build Qt 4.7.2 with intel parallel studio compiler and I noticed unlike the vcc it fails with an error message:

    Catastrophic error: cannot open precompiled header file "qmake_pch.pchi"

    Googling the message returned one single link:

    It says the issue is currently unresolved but mentions a workaround:

    To workaround it then the CFLAGS in the Makefile need to be set to create it's own pch file like:
    CFLAGS = -Yc -FIqmake_pch.h -Fpqmake_pch.pch $(CFLAGS_BARE) $(CFLAGS)

    However, adding those lines to the win32-icc qmake configuration didn't do anything for me.

    Any ideas how to make it work?

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