Segmentation fault when using QNetworkProxy

  • Hi,
    In my application i have a QUDPSocket and I want to use a network proxy, but as soon as i enable proxy after about 50secs i receive a segFault! but when I don't use QNetworkProxy I don't get any segfaults!
    The thing is the connection is established with the server through proxy but after 50 secs of sending and receiving data, suddenly a segfault window is shown.

    Here is my code:

    QNetworkProxy proxy;
    // if I uncomment one of below lines i get a segfault
    // QNetworkProxy::setApplicationProxy(proxy);
    // udpSocket.setProxy(proxy);

    Here is the Stack trace:
    0 QObject::destroyed Qt5Cored 0x54a65c6a
    1 QSslSocket::setCiphers Qt5Networkd 0x548fc90c
    2 QSslSocket::setCiphers Qt5Networkd 0x549488c3
    3 QObject::destroyed Qt5Cored 0x54d04b9d
    4 QObject::destroyed Qt5Cored 0x54d059aa
    5 QAbstractScrollArea::setHorizontalScrollBarPolicy Qt5Widgetsd 0x5515233e
    6 QAbstractScrollArea::setHorizontalScrollBarPolicy Qt5Widgetsd 0x5514fe54
    7 QObject::destroyed Qt5Cored 0x54cbc814
    8 QObject::destroyed Qt5Cored 0x54cc20c9
    9 QObject::destroyed Qt5Cored 0x54cbd6b5
    10 QObject::destroyed Qt5Cored 0x54d46cd4
    11 QObject::destroyed Qt5Cored 0x54d44a67
    12 gapfnScSendMessage USER32 0x75fa62fa
    13 GetThreadDesktop USER32 0x75fa6d3a
    14 CharPrevW USER32 0x75fa77c4
    15 DispatchMessageW USER32 0x75fa788a
    16 QObject::destroyed Qt5Cored 0x54d45b53
    17 QObject::destroyed Qt5Cored 0x54cb93ec
    18 QObject::destroyed Qt5Cored 0x54cb9552
    19 QObject::destroyed Qt5Cored 0x54a5036d
    20 QObject::destroyed Qt5Cored 0x54a504bf
    21 QObject::destroyed Qt5Cored 0x54a596e5
    22 beginthreadex MSVCR100D 0x5da2a273
    23 beginthreadex MSVCR100D 0x5da2a204
    24 BaseThreadInitThunk kernel32 0x7688338a
    25 RtlInitializeExceptionChain ntdll32 0x771f9f72
    26 RtlInitializeExceptionChain ntdll32 0x771f9f45

  • Here is my sample application:
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    QCoreApplication a(argc, argv);

    QByteArray      arrData = "This is a test.";
    QHostAddress    hostAddress;
    QUdpSocket      udpSocket;
    QNetworkProxy   proxy;
    if(udpSocket.writeDatagram(arrData, arrData.size(), hostAddress, 1195) == -1)
        qDebug() << "writeDatagram failed";
        return 1;
    return a.exec&#40;&#41;;


    It emits a segfault after about 50 secs and I don't know why!

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