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[Solved] Remove System menu bar mac os x

  • Good Morning, I'm creating a new desktop QT application for mac os x. I'm searched on documentation how to remove system menu bar of my application on mac os x, but I have found nothing. Can you help me, please? The System menu bar is composed by this system Actions: Services,Hide StoreBox, Hide Others,Show All,Quit StoreBox. I don't want these.

  • This is not a menu bar, but the system menu, just to clear the wording.

    You cannot remove them using Qt. As far s I know, the entries are added automatically by OS X. And there is no need to remove them, as OS X users expect them to be there.

  • i need remove this system menu bar becouse my application is only a desktop tray icon and I don't want that also a system menu bar appear on top. Aren't there way to remove this bar?

  • I resolve the problem... I modify the info.plist file in app folder adding this key:

    So, now the main menu bar is disapeared.

  • Thanks for the info. I added a "wiki article":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/OS_X_application_without_menu_bar for this, you'll find some info there on how to change your .pro file to grab up your customized Info.plist automatically.

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