ListView with flow layout

  • What is currently the best way to make ListView with flow layout? (Qt 5.3.X)
    Is it possible to achieve it by some particular setting of orientation and layoutDirection?

    I know that I could achieve this without ListView with Repeater:
    @Flow {
    Repeater {
    model: myModel
    MyDelegate {

    But I will have potentially big amount of items, so ListView seems a better idea.
    BTW my model subclasses QAbstractListModel.

  • It seems that I have to answer myself.

    What I want can be done with GridView with default property values. I'm just not yet sure if this is efficient.

  • So I'm trying this in a GridView, where I show previews of photos (Image element in delegate). I'm testing on a set of 433 photos. My test application with GridView consumes 1.5 GB directly after start.

    Which is weird, because QAbstractItemModel::data() in my model is called only for a couple of first items after start (then again when GridView is scrolled).

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