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QSslSocket: cannot resolve SSLv2_server_method

  • Hi. I need help.
    I have finished working program created in the Qt 5.3.2. I updated to version 5.4 Qt and the program was the conclusion log "QSslSocket: can not resolve SSLv2_server_method". Every time you try to run a query to the HTTP server. I have OS ubuntu 14.04.1.

    Examples ( also can not execute the query.
    very necessary. Please help

  • I got the same problem. If somebody knows what wrong, please share

  • +1

    same problem, same problem, same OS.
    right now im downgrading to QT5.3, just confirm that this problem started with the 5.4

    reverting to 5.3 "solves" the problem.

  • Could you report this on "Qt Bug Tracker":
    Note that the tracker will be moved to on January 7th.

  • This error occurs in the OS Ubuntu 14. This is due to the fact that the program can not access the server. Often it is shorter due to incorrect network settings in the operating system itself.
    I solved the problem by rearranging the OS. Linux Mint and put everything to work properly Strahl.

    с инглишом плохо, поэтому допишу на русском.
    Эта ошибка может возникать по причине отсутствия поступа к серверу. Это может быть:
    не верно указан адрес; отсутствует соединение или же не верно настроена ОС.

  • I have same problem , but in my case i'm with Qt-4.7.3 and when change for 5,4 it's work, only 4.7.3 don't work and too with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

  • I have same warning with Qt 5.4.0 and Ubuntu 14.10 x64. This warning doesn't appear with the same qt version which is built from source on the same machine

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