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Bug? Embedded Menu must be nested in Item.

  • Briefly: the documentation says you can use a Quick Controls Menu as a standalone menu, but you actually must nest it inside an Item or another Menu (at least when trying to embed it in a QQuickView.) This seems like a bug, although one that you can workaround.

    I want to embed a QML standalone, popup, context menu in my app. I am trying to create a QuickView on source: "Menu { ... }". It fails, giving:
    file:///home/bootch/Qt/5.4/gcc/qml/QtQuick/Controls/Menu.qml:146: TypeError: Cannot read property '__contentItem' of null
    QQuickView only supports loading of root objects that derive from QQuickItem.

    The error message refers to the Qt source on line 146:

    @/*! \internal */
    property var __parentContentItem: __parentMenu.__contentItem@

    So it seems like Qt code is assuming that the menu has a parent. Which IMO is wrong.

    The workaround is: Item{ Menu { ...}}. But then from the business (C++) side you can't invoke the method popup() on the rootObject of the view, you must know the structure of the object and invoke the method on the child that is a menu.

    No big deal, just something to be aware of.

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