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[Moved] Qt Webkit using PySide (Windows 7)

  • Hi!

    I am pretty new to Qt and PySide and I have recently installed Python 2.7, PySide and Qt on my system (Windows 7 32bit). My goal is to display a website using the Webkit component and to allow interaction between the web application and Python. I have checked out the QML examples from "PySide's Gitorious repository":http://gitorious.org/pyside-qml-examples and also followed the article on the Qt Developer Network "Using QtWebKit and QML with PySide":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/Using_QtWebKit_and_QML_with_PySide

    However, when I run the application I receive the following error message:

    @WebKitView.qml:1:1: module "QtWebKit" is not installed@

    How can I resolve this? I have installed the recent version of PySide as well as the Qt SDK.

    Thanks for your help!


  • Hi! Any news? Am I the only one having this problem?

  • I have the same problem on 64 bit Win7 :(


  • Congratulations!
    Problem solved.

    Thanks a lot PySide developers!!!

  • Hi Mifik! Congratulations - did not work for me. When installing one of the other packages, I receive a message "Python version 2.5 required". So you also installed Python 2.5?

    I downloaded and installed Python 2.7.1 from http://python.org/download/. Which version did you use?

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