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[solved] How to make Text font size to be auto adjusted

  • How to make Text font size to be adjusted depending on parent width & height?

    Here is code snippet:
    Item {
    width: 200 // that value will vary
    height: 100 // that value will vary

    Text {
    id: label
    anchors.top: parent.top; anchors.left: parent.left
    font.pointSize: 10 // this can be static size
    text: "current"

    Text {
    id: data
    anchors.top: label.bottom; anchors.bottom: parent.bottom;
    anchors.left: parent.left;
    anchors.topMargin: 5
    font.pointSize: 40 // this should resize to fit parent size
    text: "100"

    Text {
    id: units
    anchors.bottom: data.bottom; anchors.left: data.right
    anchors.leftMargin: 5
    font.pointSize: data.font.pointSize/2 // this will be resized aswell
    text: "mA"

  • It's very simple.
    You need to explicit specify the width and height of your Text item and then specify minimumPointSize and fontSizeMode:
    Text {
    width: parent.width
    height: parent.height
    font.pointSize: 100
    minimumPointSize: 10
    fontSizeMode: Text.Fit

    fontSizeMode doesn't work if you don't explicit set the width and height to the Text items. Anchors is not enough.

  • Thanks, I've tested that and have notice that it also works with anchors.

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