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Qt v4l2 capture image higher resolution (RPi)

  • Hi!

    I'm testing the Qt and v4l2 to capture the webcam image. I use" this project":

    Can I use the higher resolution in v4l2? If I use (modify the code) the higher resolution of 640480 then no preview (in console):
    "Warning: driver is sending image at 640x480"
    The lower resolutions work fine (640
    480, 320240, 160120).

    I would like to use it with Raspberry Pi & 5Mp camera and I would like to capture with 5Mp PNG image and 320*240 camera preview.
    Or can I solve this for example in that way?

    • App run in the 320*240 resolution in preview,
    • App calls the "raspistill" for capturing image (PNG 5Mp) ?


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