Enable CORS support in Qt + Webkit based application on Windows.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I got CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) working with Qt 4.7.1 + webkit on server side with appropriate headers as per CORS spec. Essentially, I have need to submit login form HTTP POST to different origin (though same domain) which in turn issues HTTP 302 GET Redirect. I setup my XHR request such that

    1. It is synchronous call instead of async.
    2. WithCredentials flag is set to true
    3. Allow-Access-Control-Origin is set up in Apache to the allow the source origin
    4. I have allowed various headers and credentials from Apache server side.

    While pre-flight request OPTIONS and POST seems to be successful, the webkit's XHR issues status = 0 (error).

    Since webkit issues this error, I am wondering if I can enable any settings in Qt so that cross origin is supported inherently without us needing to do steps above. Our application is in a way sand-boxed such that we go to specific domain. It is not open browsing.

    If there is no setting like that, workaround is ugly. We have to catch status = 0 and readyState = 4 statuses and consider that XHR is successful and move on to rest of business logic.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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