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QML Testing with QTestLib [Edited title]

  • Hi,

    I want to automate the QML exported APIs, is there any Framework or tools available for this.

  • Can you please specify what you mean by automate?

    • automated tests?

  • Could you expand on that question a bit? It is totally unclear to me what you want to do.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the response.
    Here is the exact scenario or problem I am facing.

    For example I have written a SignIn Use case in Qt API and using QtTestlib framework and MytestQtAPP I used to access the QT API that is exposed. And I used to pass the values for that and run the Signin case without manual interaction say for 10 times I was executing the SingIn case..
    Now we are writing a QML binding wrapper on top of Qt API, I need to use this QML Binding interface which expose the SingIn API and test it same way..
    As QtTestlib was there for QT.
    My doubts were like

    1. Can I reuse the QtTestlib for this kind of automation testing
    2. If not, Which framework or Tool can I use for automation testing for this kind of QML binding wrapper class on top of QT.

  • Hi,

    If you have the Qt source, you can look in tests/auto/declarative to see how all the built-in QML elements are tested with QTestLib (hopefully the patterns there will be relevant to your case as well). Alternatively, there are experimental bindings of QTestLib for QML at (which enables you to write QML test cases in QML).


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