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Qt WebView and IP Camera

  • Hi there,

    Since it's my first post here, i've got some trouble with an ip camera and my program.

    This webcam returns me a CGI script which content is an JPEG picture. Putting my picture's path in a QWebView URL, I only get creepy signs with the head content of the CGI script.

    Giving the path to Firefox or IE gives me ip camera's picture.

    How can I get this picture in this QwebView?


  • You don't give us enough information to work with, really. Since we know nothing of what your IP cam actually returns, how do you expect us to be able to solve it for you?

    Do you happen to have a public URL we can connect to see the actual data you are getting?

  • Smells like a returned mime type issue (just a guess :-).

    Note that you can overload webkit network access manager to check exactly what is requested / given back to webkit or you can sniff your communication (wireshark) to check the difference between firefox / your app. Maybe your script does check user agent ?

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