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QMediaPlayer with custom video decoder

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm currently looking into the new QMultimedia framework in Qt5, especially QMediaPlayer with it's Audio-Video playback capability.
    The "Custom Video Surface" example looks very promising because I want to reuse my current code which renders images onto a custom OpenGL Canvas.

    My Question is: how can I get QMediaPlayer to process a file with my custom Video Decoder?
    Is there a Qt class that I can reimplement to provide QVideoFrames?
    Or is the only way to achieve this to implement a custom video source in all the underlying Media Backends
    (MediaFoundation on Windows, AV Foundation on Mac OS etc...)?

    To give a bit of background. I already wrote a Qt-based media player (win, mac, linux), but I have trouble with scheduling audio and video frames properly at low display refresh rates.
    QMultimedia does a much better job and I was hoping I could hook into it by providing my own media source.

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