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Audio Processing GUI Development in Qt, How to?

  • Hello everyone,

    I have some basic effect algorithms (i.e chrous, LP filtering..) which I would like to build a GUI application to be able to use these algorithms. For example I want to be able to open an audio file, process the audio file in some way with my algorithms and playback the processed file.

    Later on I would like to, if possible be able to see the waveforms of the original file and the processed file in the GUI application. This is my objective now. In the future I want to be able to create a user interface through which users can be able to use my own audio processing algorithms on files of their own.

    Is it possible to design such a GUI with the Qt programming framework? If so, could someone point me in the right direction to get started? Right now I have the Qt SDK 1.1 beta running on Windows 7 OS and also using Qt creator. I would really appreciate some guidance.

  • So, lets start at the beginning:

    read some Qt documentation, it's really good. It is installed on you computer tohgether with the SDK (available e.g. in QtCreator). Look at the tutorials and examples.

    Opening and storing files is not so difficult in prinziple, but you want to work on audio files. Which libs do you want to use for the processing? Qt has some autio IO, but I'm not sure whether they allow filtering etc. Look at phonon, QtMobile, QtMultimedia (and use google :-) ).

    For the UI, you can do nearly everything :-) There are standard widgets and many extended open source widgets, like Qxt (Qt for technical apps) which give you more features.

  • [quote author="Gerolf" date="1301100490"]
    For the UI, you can do nearly everything :-)... [/quote]

    @sergex check this link "Guitar Pro":


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