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[SOLVED] Can't use keyboard commands in QtQuick.Controls.Menubar on Windows 8.1

  • Hi folks!

    I am developing a program using the QtQuick.Controls components. I created a ApplicationWindow and added some Menus and Menuitems in its menubar property. In the meuitems I used mnemonic names, so I can access them using a shortcut with the alt key. In Windows 8.1, when I use the shortcuts (for example alt+f to open the File menu) the menu opens but i cant use the up and down keys, neither enter and esc. I can't test it in other operation system.

    Is this a bug in my program? Could anyone test it?

  • I tested it in other computer with windows 8.1 and the error remains. This error also happens with the standard qtquick application that QtCreator generates when we create a new project. I can't use keyboard commands on the menu bar. Did someone already used this functionality on linux or windows 7/xp? Did it work? I really want to know if this is a bug in my installation of Qt or is a bug in the QtQuick module when running in Windows 8.1. I am using Qt 5.3.2 on windows 8.1 with both msvc 2013 64bit and MinGW 4.8.2 compilers. I didn't compile it by myself, I used the online installer provided in the downloads section. I will try to test this on a linux machine today.

  • I tested this functionality in Ubuntu 14.04 and it didn't worked too. So I guess this is not implemented yet. I will use the QtWidgets module to build de main window for now. Thanks.

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