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[Solved]Deploy qml application to windows7 some ok some show blank screen

  • I deploy my QML application to USB and try on diffurent PC which is all the some running Windows7 x64. But some PC is Ok and some PC show me the blank empty screen .
    I deploy my app using windeployqt.exe and copy the required qml modle .Here is my app directory.

    platforms <folder>
    QtQuick <folder>
    QtQuick.2 <folder>

    Is there missing some files or need to install some package on PC that show the empty screen?

  • Hi and welcome to devnet..
    may be this link could help you..

  • Hi, the best ultimate solution I've found was:
    But if you have product for massive usage, then you should read my post about your Qt 5.3 QML deployment experience (had more than 500 installations):
    Blocking problem in my opinion was OpenGL 2.0 usage of new QML QtQuick 2.0 and some hardware incompatibility. My team had to give up using QML, but we liked it very much. Usual Qt 5.3 widget app is working on all windows platforms without any problem.

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    QML apps need OpenGL 2.0 or higher.

    Check the graphics drivers of the PCs that get blank screens. What OpenGL support do they have? If it's less than OpenGL 2, then you need to use ANGLE instead. See "this article":

    Note: Qt 5.4 will feature automatic selection of the graphics backend. It will use OpenGL if available, and automatically switch to ANGLE otherwise.

  • Hi,Thanks for your recommendation!
    Exactly as JKSH and bagumka say:
    It is relative to graphics driver,I update the graphics driver of the PC which show the empty screen and everthing become ok.
    I will follow JKSH's suggestion to try ANGLE.

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