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Qt Serial Port Echoes Input Qt Serial Port Echoes Input

  • I'm using Kubuntu 14. I have a gateway device plugged into /dev/ttyUSB0. When I use screen and send a command, I only get the response from the gateway. However, in my Qt program, (using Qt Serial Port), my command is always echoed back to me. I disabled echo on the device using stty -F /dev/ttyUSB0 -echo.

    There is a similar problem here: " linux-c-serial-port-echoes-output": However it looks like it was never solved and I tried some of the suggestions there. How would I change the thermios settings using Qt?

    I could try to program around the echo, but I would prefer to not deal with it. Any help would be appreciated.

  • What are you using in Qt for this? Have you tried with the sample terminal app that comes with the Qt Serial sources?

  • As I say in the original post, I'm using Qt Serial Port. As the reference states:

    bq. The following items are not supported by this module:

    • Terminal features, such as echo, control CR/LF, and so on.
    • Text mode.
    • Configuring timeouts and delays while reading or writing.
    • Pinout signal change notification.

  • Yes, to operate the RS232 port. But where do you display the data and what are you using to send data to the QtSerialPort module?

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