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[SOLVED] Problem adding an external library to QtCreator

  • Hi there,

    I have those 2 lines in my .pro file :

    @INCLUDEPATH += C:/Users/username/Downloads/Compressed/id3lib-3.8.3/id3lib-3.8.3/include

    LIBS += LC:/Users/username/Downloads/Compressed/id3lib-3.8.3binaries/id3lib-3.8.3binaries/Debug -lid3lib

    The includes are found all right with auto-completion. When linking, I get this:

    LNK1104: cannot open file 'C:/Users/userame/Downloads/Compressed/id3lib-3.8.3binaries/id3lib-3.8.3binaries/Debug.obj'

    I have no idea what QtCreator is after here.

  • Hi,

    your LIBS line miss a '-' in front of 'L':

    LIBS += -LC:/Users/username/Downloads/Compressed/id3lib-3.8.3binaries/id3lib-3.8.3binaries/Debug -lid3lib

  • thanks.

    I applied the dash as suggested and now I get unresolved externals for all the library methods I use.


    LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: class ID3_Field * __cdecl ID3_Frame::GetField(enum ID3_FieldID)const " (?GetField@ID3_Frame@@QEBAPEAVID3_Field@@W4ID3_FieldID@@@Z) referenced in function "private: char const * __cdecl Song::_fieldNameFromFrame(class std::shared_ptr<class ID3_Frame>)const " (?_fieldNameFromFrame@Song@@AEBAPEBDV?$shared_ptr@VID3_Frame@@@std@@@Z)

  • Ok, now it's not about Qt anymore. The compiler says it: your lib doesn't contain the symbols. I guess C:/Users/username/Downloads/Compressed/id3lib-3.8.3binaries/id3lib-3.8.3binaries/Debug contains a file called id3lib.lib? Did you compile it yourself? Is it a static or shared library?

  • Thanks. It contains that file, and I didn't compile it myself, I downloaded it. I'm trying to link it statically using this preprocessor directive:


  • I don't know, but the same method calls from id3lib in visual studio work just fine. The problem is, I can't find the visual studio addin installer anymore, to develop in VS instead.

  • So I installed the "Visual Studio addin":, which highlighted that I was using 64-bit Qt for a 32-bit build:

    module machine type 'x64' conflicts with target machine type 'X86' ...\Qt5Cored.lib(Qt5Cored.dll).

    So I downloaded the 32-bit Qt and rebuilt and it seems to compile fine.

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