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  • hi,

    when I try to compile a project I get the error:

    F:\osm\dyjtrackQt\dyjtrack\dialog.cpp:2: Fehler: C1083: Datei (Include) kann nicht ge”ffnet werden: "ui_dialog.h": No such file or directory

    as far as I understand ui_dialog is created by Qt Creator, so he should know where to find it. I found it under:
    of course I could set the absolut path, but if I look at the end of the path (Debug) I would have to change it depending if I compile the Debug or Release Version.

    What can I do?

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    Yes. It should automatically pickup. Did you enable shadow build by any chance ?
    @Can you try cleaning and rebuild again ?
    Can you create another project and try ?@

  • I'm not sure about shadow build, I use the german version and I find nothing which could be the translation of shadow build. But I found
    = Preset Build-Derectory

    Is this what you mean?
    Cleaning and rebuild all didn't helped.
    I have to leave now, so more this evening

  • I found the shadow buld option, it was activated, I deactivated it and got the same error, then I coppied ui_dialog.h from
    and it worked.
    Thank you

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    You don't have to copy. It should work on it's own. What is your build directory ? Check this in Project->Build Directory. Is it set properly to :\osm\dyjtrackQt\build-dyjtrack-Desktop_Qt_5_2_0_MinGW_32bit-Debug? If yes, it should work on it's own.

  • When i anchecked "shadow build" the Build-Directory changed and it only worked after copying the file.

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    Let us check the shadow build and run the qmake. Do you see your directory shown 'build directory' ? Now if you rebuild does it work ?

  • Hi,
    I check "chadow build" and it worked, but this was obvious since I copied ui_dialog.h into
    when I delete it there I get:
    :-1: Fehler: No rule to make target '../dyjtrack/ui_dialog.h', needed by 'debug/dialog.o'. Stop.

    So I think the problem is, that at some point ui_diolog.h is created in the build-directory. If you delete this or change it, for example because you change the compiler, it is not found and can't be rebuild. So it would probably better to create it in the source directory in the first place. But since I'm a total QT-Beginner I might have overlooked something.

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