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Problem with qPreview and painter

  • Hello,

    i write a method to paint a few tables and show it with the qPreview class.
    I get the table data from a Database and draw everthing with drawText, drawLine, drawRect.
    The text is drawn and displayed in the preview... BUT if i draw lines over multible raws around the text tables the preview will crash and the following error pop up.

    "!fill->Data->clip->clipRect.isEmpty" in file painting\qpaintengine_raster.cpp, line 4069
    if i try to open the file it does not exist...

    Anyone know this error?

  • There is too diffuclt to say anything with out your code. The best way make a control point and start debug.
    According your message, possible to say that you try to draw something with empty data ((((

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