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Help about a QWebView HTML Reader Program

  • Hello! I am here, looking for help about QWebView...
    I want to make a program (deployed on Win machines, maybe Mac in the not so far future :) which will have a QPushButton and a QForm. When you press the button, it will download an HTML to a temp folder from an URL (which I have designated) and look through the HTML where it will find the div I am looking for (a 7 day calendar). Some of the days in the calendar don't have any events, while some have events (all of them are different). Then I want the program to put some content in the QForm (based on the HTML, of course). For example: If on the website on Monday the site says school it would put a QLabel "School", and if the site says relaxation on Tuesday, it would put a QLabel saying "Relaxation".
    What I have found out from reading stuff on the internet is that there is an easier and better way then downloading the HTML then making the computer search through it using QWebView. Help appreciated! Thanks in advance! Oh, and I am sorry if the title was misleading, hope it wasn't.

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