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Interacting with debugger using QtCreator

  • When debugging an application using QtCreator and is it possible to (a) change values of variables and (b) invoke methods interactively? I develop with QtCreator on Mac and have not found a way to do that.

    Meanwhile both Mac Xcode and Windows Development Studio provide such capabilities and those are enormously useful is speeding up the debugging.

    If QtCreator does not have it yet than I'd say it should be a high priority enhancement request especially considering that underlying debuggers have been supporting it for some time.

  • waw that is a good idea, to be honest never heard about this possibility to change the value of a variable in the time of debugging but as you just said it will indeed speed up things. all I know is that you can surly debug line by line and to see the values of the vars...but about editing them sorry but maybe someone else?

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