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[solved] searchable documentation?

  • Hi -

    I'm trying to use the "documentation pages": to research several specific topics. The search at the top of the page, though, seems to return lots of pages of discussion and non-reference material.

    Does Qt have anything like a wiki, or at least a more focused documentation area that allows users to quickly find information on a very specific topic?


  • I agree the search in the online docs is less than ideal (personally, I'd classify it as "unusable"). That's why I mostly stick with the offline docs via Assistant or Qt Creator. The search in there is pretty good and fast.

  • Google is often nice, with “ Foo”

  • Hi guys,

    As the creator of the search feature on the doc pages I totally agree with you. It was never meant to be a full-breed search feature in the first place. However, it was assumed to be just that. By its design it is just meant to be a fast index look-up for individual pages. The feature is not complete, and maybe never will be.

    In the not-so-far-away future, the documentation will be integrated into Devnet, and it will receive a proper search engine. We want to give you an excellent experience working with the documentation, and that is what we currently are working accomplishing with in Devnet.

    So, if I where you I'd stay tuned, and use what other search tool preferred in the meantime. :)

  • Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I wasn't aware of Assistant. My $.02 is that the presentation of Assistant is excellent and worthy of serving as a model for future tools. The Assistant interface on top of a comprehensive reference document that would return explanatory pages for things like ui_setup or m_generator would be fantastic.

  • m_generator was a member variable in the "example": that I wrote for you. How are the Qt docs supposed to know about that?

    The docs are also integrated directly within qt-creator. Although as others have said in other topics, I also prefer assistant as it handles multiple tabs better (IMHO).

  • Thanks, Zap. I later realized my error in that request. I think I'll stick to the online stuff for now, but I'll remember Assistant for later.

  • The search functionality of Assistant is far more better than the online docs. Why wait with Assistant? You have it already and it doesn't need any additional care :-)

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