[SOLVED] QXmlDomDocument parsing fails to read processing instruction

  • I am trying to read an xml string which is loaded from a file and I am getting an invalid character in the processing instruction. Why is this happening?

    My xml is:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <item id="item1">item1 description</item>
    <item id="item2">item2 description</item>
    <item id="item3">item3 description</item>

    This is my function:
    void readXml(QIODevice* device)
    int line, col;
    QString msg;
    QDomDocument doc;
    if (doc.setContent(device, &msg, &line, &col))
    qDebug() << "Success";
    qDebug() << QString("%1\n%2\n%3").args(msg, QString::number(line), QString::number(col)));

    Is there something I am doing wrong here? I need to be able to read this xml string. I cannot change it as this is comming from an external source.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • If the snippet you provided is exactly what you 're using, then line 6 is wrong: setContent expects a pointer on a QIODevice, you're providing a QIODevice**...

  • @Johan: Sorry that was a typo. I have updated the post with corrected parameter.

    I have had to simplify my example as I cannot use the real code on here due to NDA. I am just confused why the QDomDocument does not seem to be able to handle the quotes in the processing instruction of the xml.

  • I am just confused why the QDomDocument does not seem to be able to handle the quotes in the processing instruction of the xml.

    Well, it definitly does handle this, I use it every day. Could you give us information on the Qt version and platform you're using?

    Another thing may be the XML document itself: it is is using an exotic encoding for the quotes, and then claims it is UTF-8... just a wild shot.

  • I am using QtCreator 3.1.2 with Qt 5.3.1 on a Mac OSX pc running the latest OS with all patches. I am compiling with the C++11 compiler flags. I am editing the xml file in QtCreator as a resource file so dont think the quotes would be anything outher than the normal double quotes.

  • Hey,

    I have figured out what my problem was. I have got code that checks if a custom config file exists and if not copies the resource one to disk. However the first time I ran this it put a broken xml file. The broken xml file had " instead of just " as it was copied from code originally. Now because the file existed it was not using my updated version. I have now resolved it and my execution now works as expected.

  • OK I'm glad you solved your problem.

    Please edit the title and prepend [SOLVED] so that reader know this issue is closed.

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