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How to debug QtCreator plugins?

  • Hello, I have problem to understand debugging rules of QtCreator plugin in QtCreator.
    I was successfully setup environment variables (QTC_SOURCE and QTC_BUILD) to build plugin. Then we must create run configuration and here I found some difficulties. There are my configuration properties below:

    • Exetuable: qtcreator // located in /usr/bin
    • Arguments: // not set
    • Working Directory: // not set
    • Debugger: C++
    • Run Enviroment: QT_PLUGIN_PATH=$BUILDDIR // $BUILDDIR = QTC_BUILD/lib/qtcreator/plugins

    When I try to start debugging the warning message shown: "This does not seem to be a 'Debug' build...", although build settings has debug options.

    Can you help me, somebody, what should I do to say qtcreator load my debugged plugin?

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    When developing Qt Creator (and its plugins) we usually build and run a complete instance of Qt Creator inside Qt Creator. That way you can start/stop the complete instance at any time, run the debugger on it, etc.

    Qt Creator never unloads plugins, so testing a plugin inside the running Creator is a pain (even assuming there are no crashes:-).

  • "we usually build and run a complete instance of Qt Creator inside Qt Creator"

    The statement makes no sense to me. I don't understand it. It's like saying "run an instance of IE inside IE." or "run an instance of excel inside excel."

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    Blessed Greek: Let's do this step by step then:

    • Open Qt Creator (use the -color "#ff0000" parameter to tint the UI red, makes things easier later;)
    • Grab the Qt Creator sources from
    • Open
    • Build
    • Debug

    Voila: Qt Creator run by/in a Qt Creator debugger. Is this clearer?

    PS: We can kind of run "a browser" inside Qt Creator, too. Hit Ctrl-K, r search-term, use cursor keys to select the search engine you want;-)

  • I have done just what you have described in Windows with the latest from git. However when starting debug session I get 0xC0000022. Is there a way to solve this issue? Thanks.

  • if you landed here just check my new topic with some ideas for a solution.
    Topic: Solution for Debug QtCreator Plugins with QtCreator from source

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