Debugging without Disassembler

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    I'm using Qt Creator 3.1.2 and Qt 5.3.1 with MinGW on Windows. If I would debugging my source code the debugger switch to a disassembler view, but I would debug without the disassembler view. How can i dissable this view?

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    In the bottom-left panel of the debugging view, there is a list of all the files that your application is getting through. Browse there to the first file that you recognize, and double click it. Qt Creator will show you the file. It shows the disassembler when no source file can be found.

  • Hi thanks for answer, I have fixed the problem with adding this lines to .pro-file:
    @CONFIG += debug
    QMAKE_LFLAGS += -g@

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    Oh, so you were compiling in release mode? You can simply switch to Debug mode in Qt Creator, rebuild your program, and then those flags will be added automatically for you.

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    [quote author="whhenyuan" date="1407314892"]try (censored) [/quote]

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  • It probably helps if you uncheck options to break debugging on Thread creation and Thread exit if you have these options checked for the Debugger. These options will certainly pop the disassembler view up when you start debugging even if you haven't set any Breakpoints in your code. You find these options in menu Tools/Debugger/CDB. If you want to break on C++ exceptions leave that option checked, otherwise uncheck that too.

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