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  • Hello,

    after a fresh setupt using the installer: "qt-opensource-linux-x86-1.6.0-4-online.run"
    i do not have the examples in WelcomeTAB. Installation path is /opt/QtSDK
    and the examples appears to be in /opt/QtSDK/Examples/Qt-5.3/
    QTDIR environment is set to /opt/QtSDK/5.3/gcc but there are no examples under gcc folder.
    Should i copy the examples from /opt/QtSDK/Examples/Qt-5.3/* to /opt/QtSDK/5.3/gcc
    or better to set paths in different way ?

    On creator start i get an error message:
    Plugin initialization failed: Could not find maintenance tool at '/opt/Qt5v3/MaintenanceTool'. Check your installation.
    /opt/Qt5v3/ was the path of an older setup, now its /opt/QtSDK/.
    I do not know where this pathsetting still exists so i can not change yet.
    ~/.bashrc does not.

    Is there somewhere an instruction how to set all the necessary paths
    on a Linux 32 machine ?

    Which additionla repositories are available t add to maintenance tool ?
    So far i have the set after a fresh install.

    little confusing, i know

    I can not find out where to set all the necessary paths, here i need advice.


  • Do you use qtcreator from QtSDK or from Qt5v3 ?
    Try to move $HOME/.config/QtProject/ to some other name and re-run qtcreator from QtSDK.

  • The recent new installation puts all stuff in /opt/QtSDK.
    /opt/Qt5v3 was the old installtion path and do not exists anymore.

    I did what you suggested and the Plugin initialization problem
    does not appear anymore and a set of examples are shown in Welcome TAB now, but examples titled with "Qt 4.8.5 in PATH (System).
    The only other Qt i have on my system is in /usr/lib/qt3 (and qt4, qt5) which is installed by OpenSuse for KDE ( at least i think so)

    Problem is i do not know how to setup paths or whatever to
    do my work with the Qt stuff installed using online-installer /opt/QtSDK.

    In QtCreator->Options->Buil;d & Run->Qt Versions:
    Qt 5.3 GCC 32bit /opt/QtSDK/5.3/gcc/bin/qmake
    Qt 4.8.5 in PATH (System) /usr/bin/qmake@

    When i remove the Manual !t 4.8.5 version, no examples are shown in Welcome TAB anymore.

    I do not need 4.8.5 but i think KDE needs it (?).
    For devel i want to use the version in /opt/QtSDK and its eamples which are located in :
    and not under /opt/QtSDK/5.3/gcc/

    I start QtCreator with /opt/QtSDK/Tools/QtCreator/bin/qtcreator.sh
    but it seems this setup does not find the approriate example folder for 5.3.

  • I think that qtcreator uses qmake from a Qt kit to locate the examples for the kit.
    Try to run
    /opt/QtSDK/5.3/gcc/bin/qmake -query QT_INSTALL_EXAMPLES
    /opt/QtSDK/5.3/gcc/bin/qmake -query QT_INSTALL_DEMOS
    and check if the directories are correct.

  • thanks for help !

    @> /opt/QtSDK/5.3/gcc/bin/qmake -query QT_INSTALL_EXAMPLES

    /opt/QtSDK/5.3/gcc/bin/qmake -query QT_INSTALL_DEMOS

    Same result is also shown when looking at:
    Options->Build&Run->Qt Versions->Details

    But the online installer puts all Examples here:

    I did a link to this examples in the place it is expected to be/opt/QtSDK/5.3/gcc/examples. This shows the correct Version in the Welcome-?Examples-> topmost ComboBox but the rest of the window is still empty. Any of the examples is shown as usual.

  • I think you can change these variables by putting qt.conf to the bin directory.
    Is /opt/QtSDK/5.3/gcc/bin/qt.conf present ?

  • bq. Is /opt/QtSDK/5.3/gcc/bin/qt.conf present ?

    No, but

    On the other hand, I'm not the first who used online-installer
    and i think its tested a lot of times. Seems others do not have
    this problem, so maybe i did something stupid (?)

  • Here is qt.conf that I've got

    • $HOME/Qt5.3.1/5.3/gcc_64/bin/qt.conf

  • Do you think i should install again in $HOME instead of /opt ?
    Maybe its an permission problem.
    Which distro do you use ?

    I created the a qt.conf file as a copy of yours above and put it to
    Seems to work now

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