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No QML errors, but it won't start

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to port an app that uses Ubuntu components to pure Qt Quick, so that I can run it e. g. on Android. So I replaced the Ubuntu elements with Qt Quick elements (MainView -> Window etc) and eliminated all QML errors in the application ouput. Now I have no errors, but application still won't show. It pretends to be running and my test line with console.log is executed in Component.onCompleted, but no window shows up.
    Is there a way to enable something like a more detailed QML debugging output?

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    Is the Window component visible ?

  • Hi p3c0,

    I thought that visible property is true by default, but after your post I inserted visible: true in the code and now it works!

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    You're Welcome. It should actually be true by default. Don't know why the Qt developers want it to be explicitly set to true. The Qt Creator properly sets it in Qt Creator >= 5.3 when new project Qt Quick Application is created.

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