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How to create a child widget floating

  • Hi all

    I would to create a child windget able to "ignore" any layout and that can be showed in any part of the main window (on top of other widgets) using main window coordinates. I know is possible to make such result by creating a widget without a parent but in this case the widget became like an indipendent window and use global screen coordinates. On the contrary I would my floating widget to be child of main window with the consequence if you move the main window this floating widget will be moved as well (basically like a MDI windows). Currently I didn't find a way for this problem yet, have you some suggestion about?

    Thank you

  • Qt Champions 2017

    You can implement the mouseMoveEvent and use the maptoParent or mapToGlobal parameter.

    See the following code snippet. I have created my own label and set the parent as Widget. There is no layout. When I move the mouse, mylabel follows the mouse cursor.

    @void MyLabel::mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *ev){
    qDebug() << " MY pos = "<< ev->pos();
    QPoint p1 = ev->pos();
    QPoint p = mapToParent(p1);

  • Hi

    In my case I want the child widget to be moved with all main window like MDI window do. Many triks can be done but I would to knwo if it exist a "native" way to create such control...

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    ahhh....It is not trick. This is how it works. There is no ready made stuff. Check for dockwidgets if something fits your requirement.

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