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[solved] Images Not Showing in Deployment.

  • Hi,

    I have developed a small application which has some images on its UI. The images look fine during designing and previewing the form but when I run the application, images don't show..
    Please help me in this regard.

    Khalid Mushtaq

  • Did you remember to deploy the image format plugins?

  • How are you using the images? Are they compiled in the executable as resources or are You using them directly from the file system.

    1. you need to deploy imageformats plugins
    2. if it is Qt for visual studio you may need also include manifest file + msvc*.dll
      (and even on some systems like vista put them also in imageformats/ folder)

  • I created a resource file and added images to it, then used from there but it's not displaying images.

    I am using QT SDK 1.1

    Khalid Mushtaq

  • [quote author="khalidmushtaq65" date="1299823755"]I created a resource file and added images to it, then used from there but it's not displaying images.

    I am using QT SDK 1.1

    Khalid Mushtaq[/quote]

    Does your application show images if you load them from disk or from the web?

    If not, then your problem is the distribution of your image plugins. If it does, then the problem is with the way you address your image files.

  • In the Form Designer, I created an action from the action editior and used an image to show beside that action text from the resources file..

  • You are not answering the questions that you are being asked.

  • Application doesn't show images when I load them from disk..
    How can I fix the distribution of image plugins?

  • Please detail the exact way in which you have your files laid out. Where is what relevant file in your distribution?

  • I have fixed the issue.. just added the resources file

    RESOURCES = resources.qrc

    in my .pro file..

    Thanks all for your help.:-)

    Khalid Mushtaq

  • Helo Team,

    can somebody guide how to create a resource file and also how to create Sgnals and Slot and connect them through Qt creator ?

  • You don't use signals and slots to "connect" a resource file to anything. A resource file provides a virtual file system that you can use from inside your Qt application for read-only access to your resource files. You can create such a file from Qt Creator using CTRL+N, choosing the Qt option in the bottom left list, and "Qt Resource file" from the list on the right. Files you add are accessible using the normal Qt classes (almost everywhere Qt accepts a file name) by starting the file name with ":/".

    QImage myImage(":/images/myImage.png");
    The above would load an image from the resources that was stored under the "images" directory in the resource.

  • thanks..now I understood about creating and using the .qrc files..
    let me know how to create a SLOT,Signal and to connect them using Creator IDE..

  • Signals and slots can in a limited way be connected through the designer interface of Qt Creator. Only signals and slots inside the form you are creating (that is, between the widgets that you have put on the form) can be connected. For other signals and slots, you need to make the connections in code.

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