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QT Installer Framework and MS Redistributables?

  • Hi. I searched everywhere on the web first, and could not find any definitive answers.
    I've created a qt app in qt creator using mingw. The app uses some libraries created/compiled in VS.
    App works great in debug mode. Also works on my machine and one other in release, installed via the qt installer framework. However, it does not work on a 3rd machine. The machine in question is Windows 7 64 bit, and it basically complains about no permissions to write a bunch of files. Keep clicking retry and it eventually gets through the installer, but the app doesn't work after. I have 3 theories:

    • I've included the 2 MS redist files (msvcr110 and mcvcp110) in the package, and it works on the one machine (I believe Win 7 32 bit) but not the other. I'm thinking with those libraries done in VS though, I need to actually have vcredist_x86.exe run too. This is my main question, if I need to do this (?), how do I do that with QT Installer Framework? I can't find ANYTHING on having my installer detect and/or kick that off.

    • Given the permission errors, is there maybe some flag I need to set in the installer to have it request admin access like many installers do in Windows > XP?

    • Is there something specific I need to do to support Windows 64 bit? I assumed nothing since Windows is still supposed to be able to seamlessly run 32 bit programs.


  • UPDATE: Packaging the 2 MS dlls actually does work, but Im now also finding out openssl needs to be installed on the target machine due to https web service calls being made in the app. So, I still need to know how to detect and/or trigger an install of a 3rd party app with the installer framework, and I have yet to find the answer with google. :(

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