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Qt Creator 2.1 Bug?

  • I just installed version 2.1 (I've been using 2.0.1 with no problems) on a 64 bit
    windows 7 machine with Qt 4.7.1.

    When I open some of my projects the file tree doesn't appear in the Projects pane!
    I can set them as the "startup project" and even right-click and build. If I get an
    error I can click the error and the file displays in the editor... but still no file
    tree in the Projects pane.

    Anyone know how to fix this?

  • well i'm using v2.1 on 64bit m/c and it seems to work fine! can you attach a screenshot? Are you sure you have selected "Projects" option in the menu and not something else? There is a "Hide Sidebar" icon on the left bottom of the screen ...

    maybe very basic info here, but just in case ;)

  • Projects is definitely selected. Some of my projects load fine and their project tree shows up. Unfortunately, some of the projects load and the top-level project tree node (the project name in bold) shows up, but there is no arrow to the left of it to open or collapse the tree. So yea, there is no way to view the files. I can still right-click and build like normal.

    Wish I had taken a screenshot, but I had to uninstall and revert so I could get back to work. :)

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    reactive: A "bug report": with some attached project showing the behavior would be really nice.

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