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[solved]Application Icon on Windows: Too low resolution

  • Hi!

    I followed "this ": guide to set the icon of the .exe.
    Everything worked fine! There is only one flaw:
    The icon displayed on the left bottom in the windows explorer looks pixelated. Also can be seen if I zoom in or change to the view to large icons.
    My .ico should be fine as is has resolutions up to 256x256.
    Do you have any hints?

    Thank you!

  • Windows sometimes chooses strange resolutions in .ico files. What bit depths do you have? Try removing small resolutions and low bit depths from your .ico file until you get the look you want.

  • Hi adolby!

    Thank you for your advice! I tried your suggestion and figured out, that somehow the layer order might matter: Putting the largest resolution on the top layer in gimp did the trick!

    Thank you!

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