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Unity 3d and QT 5.3, is possible ?

  • Hi :D
    I have a question for you and I hope that you could give me a help :)

    I have to create a app for android . In this app there is an avatar 3d. For do this I think to use Unity 3d to animate the avatar and for do the rest of app I think to use QT 5.3 .

    But I'm the beginners and I don't know how to merge the two part of the my project and if this is possible :)

    Thanks to the help :)

  • No one ? :(

  • Your question has many answers. I will give the short one. Theoretically what you ask for would be possible with Unity Pro, using Plugin feature to add native code library (that in this case would be your QT created binary). But then you'd need to implement the interaction between QT code and Unity3D code to both sides, using C# on Unity3D's side. It is very impractical in this case, Unity Plugins are best used for small features that Unity (Mono) code itself cannot do (for example, handling bluetooth connections etc).

    It would be much simpler to code the whole project in Unity3D in your case. There are no technical reasons or advantages to do it the more complex way I described above, at least not based on your short explanation of your intentions.

  • You can also use Qt3D for animating the character. it depends on your project and also your experience what is better - if you have a lot of UI, or are experienced with Qt and/or Qt Quick Qt might be the better option.

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