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Various Question about QSqlDatabase

  • Hi guys, i have various question about QSqlDatabase.
    My application contains 5 different classes, and in those 2 the same database is used.
    In each class there are 7-8 function, and in each function there a query is executed.

    1. to access the database from the class i have to declare QSqlDatabase db; it in the .h, is it good or not? Is there a better way to share it across the function in the same class?
    2. How can i completely close the connection and the database? I couldn't do it, in each try i made a message like: duplicate connection and so on was trown when trying to open another istance in the second class!
      This is my code right now:

    Class bla {
    QSqlDatabase db;

    db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QSQLITE");
    if (! {
    QMessageBox msgBox;
    msgBox.setText("Impossibile Aprire il DataBase!!");
    bla::~bla() {

    There must be something wrong:(

  • Your approach of using a member variable to hold your database is valid. For sharing the database across your classes, you can retreive the same database connection by giving it a name when you first create it (so do that only once!), and then retreiving the connection using QSqlDatabase::database().

  • ok, and to close the database, close the connection ?

  • Open the database in some main function (if not main() at all) and close it there too.

  • the way to close it is:

  • Yes. But note that you should make sure that there are no queries using this database left in scope. See the documentation of QSqlDatabase::removeDatabase().

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