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Enabling and Disabling JavaScript alerts

  • HI,
    I wanted to to enable and disable javaScript alerts. I need to keep the JavaScript enabled. I only want to turn Off this alert feature. I found out that the way to achieve this was to subclass QWebPage and reimplement javaScriptAlert function.


    Is there any other way to do this? Because I need to restructure my code if I want to subclass QWebPage. I didn't know it at the development time and when I wanted to disable javaScript alert I found this way.

    I also tried the following
    I knew which function caused javaScript alerts so before entering that function I disabled Javascript using (QWebSettings::setAttribute()) and re-enabled javaScript after exiting the function. But that didn't work.

    Thanx in advance :)

  • Reimplementing the javaScriptAlert/confirm etc. functions is the way to do it. There isn't really another one.

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