Half project missing

  • erm i wanted to add an image but dunno how.

    wil try to explain.

    my project was going fine, it was when i started adding libs, for winPcap and playing with sockets in my new class file that for some reason when i ran the program a certain plugin couldnt be found. i think i added this plugin by accident, or the function for it, something like that. the project then couldnt find the libraries for all the #Includes i previously already had and the project wouldn't work. i followed some advice online from other forums but it only seemed to make it worse.

    now when i open the project only the .pro file appears and the other files are in the below menu called "open documents", any ideas how to bring them back into the project?

    i think the project may not work still if its possible to get the files back into the project so i may add more o this post in follow up. thanks

  • no worries i remade the project and copied the source code over problem solved

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