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Problems working with QNetworkAccessManager

  • Hello everyone!

    I have such situation :
    I need get http request, wait until request totally download whole information to reply and after that analyze this answer in the same function. Is it possible? And if possible, how I can do that?

    Example of code:

    @int login_check(QString login, QString pass)
    QNetworkAccessManager* manager;

    QNetworkReply* reply = manager->get(QNetworkRequest(QUrl("some_host/some_path&login&pass")));
    //I need to wait and only after reply has finished do the next
    if(reply->isFinished()) { 
         //do something with reply->readAll();
     } else {
         //do something else with reply->readAll();
    //continue this function according to reply 


    Thanks for response!

  • You're trying to use an uninitialized QNetworkAccessManager instance.

    I'd recommend against trying to come up with (complicated) setups that allow you to wait for a network reply and then continue your code. It's really not designed that way, it is designed for asynchronous use. That is a Good Thing (TM), as networks may be slow and unreliable, so you will need to deal with that.

    Having said that: if you are on Qt 5.x and you use C++/11, then perhaps you can use a lambda instead. That will get you quite close to what you are looking for.

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