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ListView, PathView, GridView multiple instance touch event support

  • hello guys,

    i'am working on an multitouch application launched on a big touch table. This project is a multi-user oriented project for collaborative work.

    As the title said we work with multiple instance of items on the same scene. But these three components are designed for mouse. Touch events in qquickpathview.cpp ( for example ) are translated into mouse events and interact with the system mouse.

    The problem is we can not interact with more than one at time.

    I searched about inheriting QQuickPathView for override touchEvent functions but it's not really easy and all interesting function are in the private pathview classe.

    Maybe we just have to completely re-design these components but it's no easy too, and not in my mind the best practice.

    Have you got some ideas to help us ?

    thanks a lot


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