QWebView rendering Google Images improperly?

  • Hey there,

    As I have been working on my web browser, I have noticed that QWebView does not appear to render Google Images correctly. On Safari and Chrome (and I'm assuming other major browsers), google images has all the images tiled on the page. When an image is clicked, it is shown enlarged below the thumbnail. QWebView doesn't seem to do this. It shows the thumbnails with way too much padding, and when clicked the images take you to the page they are on rather than expanding like they should. Is this a failing of QWebView? How can I rectify this problem?


  • I can confirm I have having this exact same problem with the search results from Google Images (i.e. images.google.com) ... in 2016.

    I'm using pyQt v4.8.6 and Qt v4.8.6

    I did try enabling Javascript and Java... didn't make a difference.

    I'm getting the rules from Google via URL, i.e. if I want to search for a green truck, the URL I use is:

    I use the load method of QWebView to get the results. My results have the exact same issues as Nicky (above)

    As a temporary work around I'm using Bing's image search instead, that works fine with QWebView.


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