Qt Creator: Build C Project on Remote Linux Machine

  • Hi,

    I would like to use Qt Creator to develop a standard C project and build it on a remote Linux machine. My development machine, however is a Windows PC.

    I found out, that I can add my Linux target without any problems in to the devices in Qt Creator and I can connect via SSH. What I dont know is, how I could start a remote build process this way.

    Normally I work with a Cygwin Shell and execute a shell script from there, which syncs my .c and .h files using rsync to the linux machine and then executes "make" there. However, I want the error messages to be visible in Qt Creator, so I can easily jump to the line of code with the problem. My compiler is GCC, running on the Linux system.

    In the best case, I would also like to debug the application running on the Linux system with the Qt Creator on my Windows PC.

    Is there a way, to get this to work?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi, I had more or less the same setup, a remote Linux PC connected with SSH.
    When i wanted to debug my Qt apps, I ended up installing Qt/QtCreator and VNCServer on the remote Linux PC, and using VNCViewer on my Windows PC to connect to it over SSH.

  • Hi hskoglund, thanks for your reply. However, I was hoping that there would be another solution than VNC. Actually it would be fine for me, if I could just run my Shell script from Qt Creator (for which I would need cygwin or something else, as I am on Windows) and somehow parse the errors correctly.

  • Doesn't QtCreator/GDB have some sort of remote debugger option? I've never used it, know little if anything about it, have no clue if it would work cross platform, but I have a vague recollection that it exists. It could be worth looking into.

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