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Text cursor in QPlainTextEdit

  • I create a QPlainTextEdit and load a file. However, I do not get a position cursor (a vertical line), even not after a mouse click. Only after an edit I get the position cursor. What is needed to show the cursor right away or after a mouse click?

  • Hi,

    Sounds really strange. Seems like a problem with the focus event but it might also occur if the QPlainTextEdit is set to read-only in certain case.


  • The window has the focus. It happens in a viewer with Readonly properties and also in an editor (not readonly). If I click with the mouse on a location no textcursor shows up. When I change the position using the keyboard (e.g. right arrow) the textcursor shows up correctly with the Qt::IBeamCursor.
    Any more ideas?

  • Can you create a simple, complete, small test program to demonstrate this behavior?

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