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[Qt Creator] User options while moving project

  • Hi there!
    I've finally take some courage to ask trivial question about QtCreator. If it was already answered many times, I beg for some hints on searching those answers. I've tried to find descussion on this topic without luck.
    I am genuinely wondering why QtCreator always reset project build options while it being moved to another workstation? At first answer was obvious. Different QtCreator versions have incompatible options and can't import options from each other. Or just different paths as dialog states.
    But now I've found same deal for project being accessed from different users at the same station.
    So QtCreator the same (3.0.1), absolute paths matches for both users but still accessing same project from another user cause user's settings to reset. Why? It is beyond my blind guess.

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    Hi, and welcome to the Qt Dev Net!

    Which options are you talking about? Do you mean options for a particular project, or options for the Qt Creator program?

    Each user account has their own settings for Qt Creator. On Windows, they are in C:\Users<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\QtProject -- these are not shared between different user accounts.

    The settings for each project are stored in the *.pro.user file. This file is accessible by all users on the same machine. However, the *.pro.user file references some Qt Creator settings -- I believe all users must have the same Qt Creator settings to be able to share the *.pro.user file.

  • Thanks for a warm welcome.

    I mean options from *.pro.user file. Options which in particular govern build and startup for debug.
    So you mean ~/.config/QtProject on linux across users will assure no reset of .pro.user file as project opens from diffrent account?

    My goal is to take my project with me to the other workstation and being able to build it from QtCreator without manually enter all custom build options all over again. Let suppose all workstation has same QtCreator on them like the same version Ubuntu workstation for example.

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