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How to structure qml app with several canvas/screens

  • Hi everyone,

    i am still quite a beginner with qt and therefore need some advice about how to structure a program.

    Slideshow for images and videos using QML


    • display images with nice transitions between them
    • display panoramic images, by automatically panning slowly from left to right
    • display videos (no sound)
    • overlay menu that can be hidden

    i think i know roughly, how to create the single functions, but

    • how do i switch between the functions?
    • Do i only change the visibility of each element to zero when i am not using it? I think that's getting quite messy, once i have lots of elements
    • Or can i define somehow a kind of canvas or screen and then switch between them? How?
    • Can i or do i have to dynamically load/unload these canvas / screens?

    Thanks a lot for any comment.


  • You can dynamically load and unload content. I use a mouse area that triggers a javascript function. That function uses "Qt.createComponent" to load a qml file.

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