[solved] How to add folder to project ?

  • hi,

    I extended my project by one folder and included in main two classes of this folder/library. Therefore I added the path of the included files in "MyProjec.includes".

    How do I add the new folder to the QT Creator project, to be precise to the left panel?

    greetings streight

  • Did you use INCLUDEPATH in your pro file?

  • I can't find any pro file in my projects folder. Perhaps this is the case because I use QtCreator with OpenFOAM (?)-> See:


    I only got a .project file in XML format.

    EDIT: Ok, the error problem is solved - I just had to add the path in file "options" in the Make folder.

    Still I need to know how I can add the folder to the project.

  • I don't know OpenFOAM myself, but maybe we can give you some pointers based on the contents of your .project file. What's in it?

  • I solved the error problem -> See EDIT of my last post.

    I also realized that the .project file was just a remain of the IDE Eclipse (which did not work well with OpenFOAM).
    Still I want to add the folder to my Qt Project - I mean make it accessable in the left panel within QtCreator.

  • So what's in your "options" file?

  • @ EXE_INC =
    -IIntegrationsBib/cpp/src \ # -> added by me

    EXE_LIBS =

  • If you cannot find any directives on how to add it, i guess you will need to go for the "trial an error approach"
    What about adding another line with your path in the EXE_INC section?

  • bq. What about adding another line with your path in the EXE_INC section?

    i have already added the path to the files here -> See line 6 my last post.

    EXE_INC isn t responsible for adding folders to the QtCreator Project panel.

    EDIT: Problem solved - you probably just have to add a file inside the folder to the project and the folder is added to the panel having this file inside. If you add all files the folder will be added to the panel with all files analogous.

    thx for the support :)

  • Good you could solve it.

    Please edit your first post and prepend [solved] to it.

    Happy coding

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