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How to use ACE (Adaptive Communication Environment) in QtCreator?

  • I am new to Qt. Would any experienced programmer please help me using ACE with Qt ? Please, show me a sample program kindly.

  • Whatever ACE and/or Adaptive Network Environment may be...

  • I can't guess anything from your answer. Would you kindly help me showing an example?

  • Sorry, it's not clear to me what you mean by ACE (Adaptive Network Environment). If you are talking about some library, then the answers are "yes" and "read here":

  • I'm not sure which ACE you mean, I only know this "ACE (ADAPTIVE Communication Environment)": which is a framework for inter process communication (Also implements a CORBA orb). If you mean this, I can tell you: YES it's possible, I already did it.

    You can use nearly each C++ library (I say nearly as there might be some that do not work with Qt due to some special cases I don't know).

    The ACE I know has some very similar features as Qt (sync, OS abstraction) where you should decide, which one to use, but we combined Qt for all except IPC and used ACE/TAO Corba for IPC, that worked like a charm.

  • Thanx a lot to Volker and Gerolf. I was wrong. It will be The ADAPTIVE Communication Environment that you mean. Great thanks to u.

  • Hi Gerolf, I'm about to start a project with ACE [] in my Qt project. Due to some 3rd party constraints, I must run this on a windows 7 system (currently using Qt 5.1.1 with bundled MinGW 4.8). Do you know if I need to build the ACE libraries with the bundled MinGW compiler? I don't want to run into ABI incompatibility issues. Thanks!

  • Hi,

    different C++ compilers doesn't have ABI compatibility; so you MUST compile ACE with the same compiler used to build Qt.

  • Looks like the ACE build needs pwd, awk, and other MSYS tools. I've been trying to use a number of different MinGW / MSYS combinations with the 'official' Qt released MinGW compiler collection, and I keep running into issues building ACE. It seems that the 'stock' MinGW/MSYS install from will build ACE, but I need a Qt compatible posix/dwarf mingw build. I tried to point an MSYS install at a Qt compatible 'mingw-builds' toolchain (via MSYS /etc/fstab) but the build fails.

    Is there a documented way of putting together a Qt 5.1.1 compatible MinGW/MSYS toolchain for ACE?

  • It seems that ACE will only compile with a mingw-builds releases with win32 threading model (not posix), dwarf/sjlj exception handling doesn't seem to break the build either way. Looking into ACE configuration options. If anyone has experience with Qt/ACE/mingw32, please chime in. Thanks.

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