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[Solved] Warning: Class implements the interface QGraphicsItem but does not list it in Q_INTERFACES

  • Currently I am studying some code that I didn't write and when I compile it I got the warning message of the subject.
    I was checking some documents about plugins but I couldn't find nothing conclusive about it.
    I'm just curious what that means? How can I avoid it?

    Thanks for any hint.

  • You can check how its used in Qt sources or you could also lookup Q_INTERFACES in the Qt Assistant which says,

    class BasicToolsPlugin : public QObject,
    public BrushInterface,
    public ShapeInterface,
    public FilterInterface
    Q_INTERFACES(BrushInterface ShapeInterface FilterInterface)


  • Finally I figured out what is going on here. It seems that this Warning shows up when a class inherits from both QObject AND QGraphicsItem, like this:

    class KControlNode : public QObject, public QGraphicsItem

    I think so, because when I changed it for:

    class KControlNode : public QGraphicsItem

    and compile the source code again, the Warning disappears :)

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